We believe that Fitness is the key to a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and a long Healthy Life!

At Healthglo, we help our members live a happy and healthy life. Living active is about having the opportunity to experience life, enjoying the diverse pleasures that surround us and being able to engage in that experience.
Healthglo is a local family owned and managed facility with over 36 years of industry experience, sensitive to the changing needs of our community. Our family friendly environment is both warm and supportive of our members and guests, with smiley staff there to support and motivate you providing programs and services to suit all needs and ages.

So much more than just a gym

Any gym can make you sweat, provide weights or cardio machines, Healthglo is that and so much more. Our health club is an industry leader on the coast. We offer the most diverse range of services and activities under one roof on the North West Coast providing our members and guests with the largest selection of activities and services with world leading equipment and access to the latest technologies.
We understand and respect the need to have staff on duty at all times available to provide assistance, guidance or First Aid if required. Our knowledgeable staff are nationally accredited and certified ensuring peace of mind that the advice and guidance is professional and current with the latest evidence based research.

 Come and say hello, we’d love to show you around. A Health Club for everybody everyday.

Choose from our Membership Options.

At Healthglo, we have three types of Membership available. We believe these Membership types cater for the various needs of our community. Whether you would like to swim, workout in the gym, go for a run on the treadmill, watch youtube whilst riding a bike, enjoy the atmosphere of Group Exercise or gain insight and guidance from a Personal Trainer, we have a Membership Package that will accommodate you.
Memberships are available with a range of discounts that encompass the following: Loyalty Renewals, Family Members, Corporate Partners, Concession Card Holders, Seniors (over 65 years), Full Time Students over 16 years and Juniors (up to 15 years).
Membership terms available are the most flexible available. You will be able to choose from 1 & 2 weeks, 1-2-3-6-9 and 12 month terms, Easypay weekly payments (minimum 12 or 18 month terms) and Flexipay weekly payments (minimum 12 week term).
Note that conditions apply with each membership term and payment method.
There is a package to suit you!

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